Succeed in the Market

“Working in an industry where recovery, demanufacturing and reclamation are the norm, a standard ERP is simply not an option. The MAKOR ERP™ provides RAND with a business solution that is catered to our market sector, but still maintains all of the elements of ERP that are so vital to running a business. With its sophisticated route enforcement capability, advanced part management and order traceability, the system brings a comprehensive solution that has allowed RAND to quickly and aggressively succeed in a market that was previously unattainable to us.”

Tim Harmon , Vice President | RAND Technology


Makor ERP Far Outperforms the Others

“With both best practices in place and the flexibility to adjust to our specific needs, the MAKOR ERP™ brings efficiencies and allows us to maximize warehouse space and production line usage. I have used four other ITAD platforms and the Makor ERP far outperforms those. It's also very simple to jump in and ramp up.”

David Wood , Baltimore Facility Manager | Sage Sustainable Electronics


Makor ERP is the Cornerstone of Growth

"The MAKOR ERP™ has proven to be a critical cornerstone to our growth. It has enabled us to replace the patchwork of applications and spreadsheets where we stored our company's data, and transitioned us to a single integrated application where we now manage our customer, contract, pickup, inventory, and sales data. All in all, our investment in Makor ERP has streamlined our company and made us more scalable and competitive company in the IT Asset Disposition and electronic recycling industries."

Mike Buckles , President | TechnoCycle


Remarkable Transformation in Certification Conformance

"I have seen firsthand how the MAKOR ERP™ streamlines electronics recyclers and ITAD specialists ability to track their material from receipt, through processing, and finally to outbound shipment. The transformation away from multi-system or paper-based tracking is truly remarkable. In addition to internal performance, the platform has helped these companies with certification conformance, saving them hours and hours of manual calculations."

Nicole Delich , President | Greeneye Partners


A Huge Source of Confidence for Prospects

"The MAKOR ERP™ is a huge source of confidence for prospects moving forward with us. We market it hard to demonstrate capabilities. We show how the Makor ERP allows us to enforce what needs to get done, track what was done and open it up to our customers via the portal. There are still a lot of our competitors operating like we used to and not able to promise this. Our prospects see how we will deliver.”

George Hinkle , President | ARCOA Group


Prioritize Who You do Business With

"With the MAKOR ERP™ I have really implanted a management system I use to manage many different inventories. Not only do I know what’s here, where it’s at, how long it’s been on the shelf, but most importantly – where it came from. Knowing this, combined with what we paid and sold it for is the key to analyzing profitability and prioritizing who we do business with. Our system is accurate, scalable, compliant and drives us to do more."

Chris Regan , President | CLR Solutions


Only Solution that Understands ITAD 'Out of the Box'

"MAKOR ERP™ provides us with a foundation platform, integrating key functions for security and value recovery that our enterprise customers require. It’s the only solution we found that understands ITAD ‘out of the box.’”

Robert Houghton , CEO | Sage Sustainable Electronics


Track Record of Success

"Makor Solutions experience servicing ITAD companies with a track record of success was very impressive. In addition, we found their MAKOR ERP™ platform to be the only option on the market with the suite of tools we needed to grow our business quickly. I’m confident that if the system doesn’t already do it, I can work with them to get it done."

Steven Kaufman , CEO | Urban Minings


Industry Leadership Striving on Customer Satisfaction

“We were looking for a company to provide us with a warehouse management system to help us track, maintain inventory and be transparent to our customers.  We found the MAKOR ERP™ platform to be superior. When we met Makor Solutions we recognized right away that they had a much better understanding of the market than other vendors we considered as a result of the number of companies in our space they’ve helped. Going into 2016 I can say I've been very impressed with their industry leadership and continuous advancements in the software.  They continue to strive on customer satisfaction

Marcia Ward , Independent ITAD / eWaste Consultant |


The Reporting is a Huge Benefit

“Everything is working very well for us. The MAKOR ERP™ helps us stay organized. The reporting is a huge benefit as we have had tremendous feedback from our customers regarding this.  The system helps us keep track of our sales better and we can now see clearly who our best customers and vendors are. Because of the way it presents, the Makor ERP has even allowed us to obtain new customers that seemed unresponsive in the past.”

Chad Rodriquez , Sales Manager | OCM Recycle


More than Met Expectations

"The MAKOR ERP™ platform streamlines our reporting and record keeping in an easy-to-use system. This significantly aids in maintaining compliance requirements as well as record keeping and reporting required by E-Stewards. The software more than met our expectations."

Janice Oldemeyer , President | Onsite Electronics Recycling & IT Refresh